Design Center

Design Consultation

Receive professional advice and assistance from a formally educated interior designer. You may also receive an on-site design consultation services by one of our trained design consultants.

What is a Design Consultation?

A design consultation takes place prior to starting most design projects.
Phase 1: We will discuss the scope of your project at either the jobsite or our showroom depending upon the project type. Design solution and/or budget parameters may be selected/determined at this meeting. Alternatively, simple schematic drawings are developed to describe proposed solutions, and a general cost estimate is created. The concept drawings and budget will be presented at a meeting for review and discussion.

Phase 2: Revisions/changes from Phase 1 are incorporated into the drawings. The floor plan is developed into a detailed set of working drawings, including elevation/interpretive drawings. Specific products are identified or allowance ranges are established. A second meeting is conducted to discuss the revised drawings and the overall project budget.

Phase 3: Upon completion of design, development and final project drawings the contractual documents along with product specifications are presented to the client for signature. The contract may include all equipment and materials clearly specified, or may include specific dollar amount allowances.


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